There’s so many things in “modern” life that feed into this illusion that we need someone or something else to come and save us. It’s the basis of many religions, yet the pattern is even still there for many who have given up on religion.

We believe some other person is going to come along and fix our life, to save us from unhappiness. How convenient that would be, but I’ve never seen it work that way except in movies. Trying to find someone else to “fix” you doesn’t bring salvation at all, it’s precisely why we have so many co-dependent relationships.

Now it is possible for two people to assist each other with self-discovery, and this is the basis for a healthy relationship. It can be very healing to see things from someone else’s perspective. Part of what makes things so difficult for people is they believe only their perspective is valid, and seeing things from a very limited perspective can make our problems seem much bigger than they really are.
So what is salvation? Well that depends on your definition and the religious definition is far different than the way I see it. Many religions teach that you’re born into sin, that you’re evil by nature because of something a very distant ancestor did. If they can get you to believe this, then they can sell you the belief that you need to follow their rules to be “saved”. They teach that believing in someone else is going to save you. They teach that someday some event will come when everybody is saved, or at least the people who believed the “right” things.
The only real salvation is the rediscovery of your own Soul, your own connection to Source. This is the path of self-discovery and self-creation. The only one who can save you is you, and the only thing you need salvation from is your own illusions. Really, I view salvation itself as an illusion, you don’t really need to be saved because God never cursed you to begin with. You damn yourself through your own beliefs, through your own limited thoughts. You unconsciously sustain the illusion that you’re trying to save yourself from. You even feed into it more by believing you need to be “saved”.
All of that is just a hassle, another distraction that pushes God further away from you. Creation is simple, Love is simple, but you make things so complicated trying to find salvation through your mind. You are Loved Unconditionally, or more accurately, You Are Love Unconditionally. The only thing you need to be saved from is believing otherwise.

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