Every thought and emotion send out vibrations. Whether these are constructive or destructive depends on the inherent positive or negative nature of the vibrations. “Strong vibrations accumulate into the collective global human consciousness and invisibly influence human behavior.” (“Transmuting Collective Human Consciousness by Channeling Light”) Each one of us lives within the energy field of the collective human consciousness.

The sheer number of negative vibrations generated by humanity, especially in the last millennia, full of violence, genocide, aggression, corruption, greed has made the field toxic. Each negative act of non-love and hatred increases the chances of generating more of the same. To break this cycle, humanity must choose and manifest Love and Light individually and channel Light to cleanse the vibrational pollution of energies. Purging the collective global human consciousness of negative vibrations and increasing positive vibrations will create an environment wherein lasting Peace can thrive.

Channeling Light is the best and the easiest way of purification at the individual, familial, communal as well as the global level. Light works at the sub-grassroots level of energies which precede thought, emotion, and action, hence positivizing those who channel Light. (“Transmuting Collective Human Consciousness by Channeling Light”) As the Light is spread around engulfing the entire world, the ocean of vibrations we live in also gets purified.

Light is the Energy of God, Light is God. It has infinite potential to establish all the Divine Values right here, right now. Using our Freewill we must request the Divine Power of Light and intend that Light heals each one of us and the world. There is an invisible fraternity of highly advanced Spiritual Master’s who have been, and are, working behind the scenes to help humanity overcome its limitations and realize its full potential. Let us take this assistance being provided and shine with Light.

You can contribute to World Peace. Channel Light for seven minutes daily, from anywhere at any time for at least seven minutes or if you feel comfortable. Transmute the collective human consciousness into a sacred Ocean of Light.

How to Channel Light 

Imagine an ocean of Light above you. Imagine (intend) that the Imagine an ocean of Light descends and fills up your body. Then, experience the Love and Peace of the Light for a minute and then, imagine / intend it spreading out gradually to your home, locality, country, and the world.

 What is Light?

Light is the Creative Intelligence behind the Creation. Light is the formless God. From this Light, an ocean of Consciousness emerged, and from that this whole Creation. This Light is everywhere in the Creation.

Light is energy. It carries within Itself Love, Wisdom and Energies. This Light is not the physical light. It is very subtle and pervades the higher subtler realms. It can be accessed by thought, Meditation and by extending our Awareness. It can help us in every way at the individual as well as the global levels.

What is Light Channeling?

It is allowing the Light to descend into us by intending and then spreading it around the entire world. Our body transforms the higher frequency of the Light to a grosser level.

How does Channeling Light help?

The vibrations from the Light reach all beings and nature. They carry the energies of Healing, Love, Peace, and Positivity. They help Transformation. We will be better human beings. Our world will be a better world.

How does it help the individual?

The quality of our thoughts, emotions and actions improves. Conflicts reduce. Efficiency improves. Our life will be a better one.

Who can channel Light?

Anyone and everyone can channel Light.

Is any preparation required?

No preparation is required; except the desire to change ourselves and the world.

Are there any restrictions?



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