Take your time as you are considering options for your future. Unless everything in you says, “Yes! This is a direction I want to take,” try to avoid creating from a sense of urgency, for urgency is born of fear, not love. You want to create all your dreams because you are in love with them, not because you need them to pacify your fears.
Allow God to help you clarify your intentions. Higher power knows why you came to earth, what you wish to learn, and who/what will serve your spirit in the best fashion. Maybe that person you want to be in relationship with isn’t so perfect for you after all. Maybe the job you are longing for isn’t what it seems to be. Maybe you are not yet ready to fully enjoy something you are asking for. God in infinite wisdom always wants the most loving outcome for your life.
So when your manifestations are taking a long time to come into your life, ask yourself a few questions, “Is this what I really want, or simply something I think I must create to get what I really want?” “Am I in alignment with this dream?” “Do I truly have faith that I can have it?” “Is there anything I know to do right here and right now, that I am resisting.” In answering these questions you will fine tune your energy and in the process refine your ability to manifest your dreams.
For example, so many of you want a a relationship. In all honesty many of you want one to avoid loneliness or to add more interest to life. So, dear ones, what you really want are feelings of being connected and passionate in your life. Are you in alignment with that right now? If not what can you do right now to add more connections and interest to your life?
Likewise many of you want more money in the bank? Why? For some of you it is to feel secure. Ask to feel secure now. For some of you it is because you want to be more generous. Start to be more generous with your heart, your words, and your talents now. For some of you it is because there is something you wish to have the money for. Intend that instead. The soul does not ever get excited about money but it can get excited about the experiences you wish to have with it, if they are truly coming from your heart.
Enjoy your life now. Enjoy this moment. You do not need anything outside of yourself to feel loved, to feel secure, to feel inspired. You have everything you need within. As you tap into what you have inside of yourself, there will you find the energy that is in alignment with your dreams. There you will find the wisdom and guidance to take the very next step. There you will find that you have what you have been seeking all along. The rest is just a joyful out picturing of the very same.
We wish for you an experience of how deeply and dearly you are loved, both from the inside out, and in every aspect of your lives.
God Bless You! We love you so very much. – The Angels

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