Archangel Michael tells us about the increasing availability of spiritual material and the growth of our discernment and analysis.

“You are becoming very proficient at analyzing new concepts and the plethora of information that is now available via the empowering gift of discernment.
“Now that you are more attuned to Spirit and the voice within, you can quickly ascertain if a concept is in alignment with your inner truth. If it is not, it behooves you to discard it without malice or judgment; or if you are not sure, put it aside and ask your Higher Self to validate it for you in some unmistakable way.”
I appreciate Michaels’ reminder to refrain from judging things that don’t resonate with us, because we all have our own flavor. We aren’t all intended to believe in or advocate the same things, because if we did, where would the individuality be? Where would the uniqueness of each experience and perspective be?
We have to experience individuality and perceived division before we can fully appreciate the soul-level oneness that binds us all together.
Archangel Michael also encourages us to explore how we can discern what will and won’t help us along our growth.
“There is a flood of information available to your intellects which has reached proportions not known for many thousands of years to those on this planet. It is in your best interest to learn how you may best deal with it. How may you best decide what is of value to you and what is not? What is true and what is not? Who and what may you trust?
It’s important to explore how we’re going to discern fact from fiction in an era of increasingly available spiritual information, and it goes without saying that surrendering to the heart space will help us do this.
Even though some seekers might question how they can best use their discernment, the answer will always be to surrender to the heart and let the perceptual gifts flow from there. The heart space will help us easily distinguish what’s intended to help and what’s intended to harm, and as negativity’s diminished here on earth, the problem of deception will be no more.
We’re then told about the instant discernment the heart space provides.
“There is a very reliable and simple way in which [our guides] let us not forget your own highest selves, communicate with you from moment to moment.
“Yes, we do communicate with you from moment to moment. And there are many and various ways that you may use to receive that communication, but that is not what is needed here. What you need is to be able to tell in an instant whether to accept what you are hearing, seeing, or reading, or not to accept it.”
We’re receiving constant energetic communication from our guides and higher selves, and in time, we’ll be able to discern this genuine, positive communication from the distorted energy we can sometimes pick up. Our guides will offer us blissful energy and helpful information, whereas the lower forces will only usurp our positivity.
Archangel Michael continues, telling us that we can set the issues that are confusing us aside and come back to them when our perception is clearer.
And there is also the possibility of setting aside your acceptance or rejection until more evidence is available. Is there such a way?
“We would tell you that there is. It is not something we have never told you before. It is, however, something that is so simple that you have not given it the consideration you should.”
As a child, I can remember being told to put down a toy or video game that was frustrating me.
I never wanted to, but I always found that setting it aside and coming back when I calmed down really helped the situation. So it is with our spiritual growth – when something’s particularly bothering us or bringing us down (or if we just can’t understand it), we can move on from it for as long as we need.
In our final quote, Archangel Michael encourages us to live and think from the heart and the higher mind, which is different from our intellect.
Here, dear friends, is the key.
“When you are reading, watching, or listening to what is before you, be very aware of how it makes you feel in your heart. Your heart is very, very wise. It is that within you which is ‘connected’ at all times. This is the place in you in which ‘the knowing’ resides. It is the home of mind. We did not say intellect. It is where mind is connected to your earthly being.”
In a higher place, the mind’s connected with the open heart and the ego’s all but diminished. The mind is intended to act as a secretary that does little more than obey the requests of the heart.
Instead of letting the ego overrun us, we can use the mind for what it is: a very efficient aid in our heart-centered pursuits.
Despite all of the material we’ve examined here, I’m sure there is and will continue to be an abundance of information on the important subject of heart-centered discernment. From what’s been said, it seems as if discerning everything we absorb from a heart-centered space is the best way to go.
The heart provides the absolute best discernment, and in time, we’ll be flooded with genuine and uplifting information and energy – even more than we already are. We’re blessed to have so many helpful sources of information about the higher dimensions and our evolution back into them, and as long as we use discernment, we’ll benefit from the genuine teachings we’re receiving.
I look forward to the time of heightened awareness that will see us work more actively with the forces assisting us from beyond the veil, but for now, I’m happy to pick and sort the genuine guidance they’re giving from the distorted misinformation that’s been attributed to them.
Raymond Lavin, Roseanna Mc Auley and 3 others

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