I have been talking a lot over the last five years of “genius children”.  Steve Beckow sums it up beautifully in this article.
Steve Beckow: How many people ask me of a day how Ellie is doing. Well, as good as can be expected in an older model of this wet suit we all must wear. Ellie Miser – or Amppa as she is known back home – is the equivalent on the Pleiades of what we would think of as royalty.
My own take on her starseed mission this lifetime was that she was like a Pleiadian anthropologist who sent back information to people on the ships of just what we were into.
I’ve told the story many times that Ellie’s was one of the first distribution lists I got on back in 2008 and I couldn’t figure what she was up to – the Darwin awards, Far Side jokes, Maxine cartoons, articles on our foibles and fancies. If she was a Pleiadian, why was she writing on things like these?
And then she explained what her job was this lifetime – to help the newcomers on board ship understand what made us tick – and I started to get off on a Pleiadian’s view of terrestrials.
So for all who’ve asked about her, here is Ellie’s appreciation of the new crop of geniuses she sees around her, which had her get that we are the ascended masters we’ve been waiting for.
7/18/13 – I woke up this morning with so many thoughts flooding my brain, it was as if a word barrier had broken loose!  I immediately got up and fired up this old computer to try to capture as many as I could before they got away!  I want to share those thoughts with ones I think will understand what I am trying to say – and more – and I’ve always welcomed  constructive criticism so jump in wherever you feel the urge.  Just be gentle?
Okay, here goes!

We ARE the ones we have been waiting for!
I have heard that statement for so many years without understanding it!  This morning, I finally DO!  Or at least I THINK I do – in this moment… We are our saviours!  Not ETs, Angels, or anyone else in the Universe!
I finally GET IT!  I never would have thought it but I can finally say those words!
I will try to make sense of my thoughts that are flying around in my brain as I type.  So bear with me, please, as I try to catch up with them and put them down on paper, in no particular order.
Ascended masters have been, and are being, born into 3D bodies and getting busy with their work almost immediately!  Lightworkers – Bringers of the Light and Love from the higher realms – US!
Look at the genius children:
On TV – Ellen or Oprah? – there was a 2 yr old baby girl, I think still wearing a diaper,  toddling back and forth, pointing out countries on a huge wall map without a single hesitation or mistake as the name of the country was called out!
A 3 yr old (?) child who could name every president from George Washington to present – randomly – by being given the year of presidency.
There are babies playing pianos and other musical instruments, composing music, painting masterpieces, and remembering past lives in minute detail.
There are Masters incarnating as mentally/physically challenged children, and in disguise as “homeless” adults, living on the streets, teaching love, patience, and compassion.
Ascended masters — all working together to transform this planet and all on it into “heaven on earth” physically – we can do this!  We know how!  This is what we are here for!
No one or no thing having to die a physical death to get there anymore!  It just has to be done VERY carefully so as to not destroy it all before we get there!  We have done so twice before, messed up because of impatience (I believe the Ice Age was one of those times), but this time, we are going to make it!  The third time IS the charm!
We can manifest out of this 3D density into the higher state of being by focus, intent, desire – by anchoring and raising OUR vibrations, we affect all around us – it just needs to be done carefully because of the fragility of our 3D. Thus the cause of the ascension symptoms!  We ARE overcoming them and transforming into crystalline bodies!
Where I come from, my own 5D essence is blue/white crystalline love.  That is where I will return to – my choice of destiny – when I am finished with my mission here.
Some leftover karma, created by humankind, is having to be resolved where there have been horrific tragedies and injustices involving thousands, or even millions of people (like Hiroshma, the holocaust, displacement of the Native Americans from their Oklahoma lands, slavery – to name a few).  Babies have been, and are being, born into those areas to bring in the higher energies of love, forgiveness, and peace.
I just had a thought!  Maybe the purpose of the Dust Bowl days – whites being forced to leave the area where their ancestors had driven out the Indians – was one of those karmic clearings and balancing.
was told about 35 years ago by AA Michael that I had volunteered to come here to help free those who had become trapped in this density – I think  he was speaking of other Masters and Lightworkers who had incarnated here to begin the process of physical ascension for this planet and its lifeforms.
I, too, became trapped on the wheel of karma by my thoughts and actions – pleasures of the flesh – emotions that we had evolved beyond eons ago.  And we came here with “amnesia” so we could do our work through many lifetimes without remembering where we came from, to prevent homesickness.  This is a very difficult density to function in  – physically, mentally and spiritually!-
I have already gone through, used up and had to leave, two bodies in this incarnation – and this third one has about had it as well but I stubbornly insist that I WILL finish what I came for – to witness an Event that has never happened before – so, covered with patches, Band-Aids and aging rapidly, I wait!
I have always believed this planet was created as an experiment where races of beings throughout the universe could bring seeds (starseeds) of their own kind to see if all could live in peace and harmony. It also functions as a Living Library and Spiritual School of Learning.
Some lifeforms selflessly volunteered to be a part of the food chain for survival of others. Sadly, their sacrifice is now slowing down our ascension process by keeping our body’s density in the lower vibrations.  I think that is why so many are becoming vegetarians.  And COULD be why so many animals are now leaving  – including insect life, sea life, birds, etc.  Their 3D work is coming to an end.
Please keep in mind that all this I have written down is what I woke up with this morning and may or may not be anything near what is – but it feels right to me – for now.  But then, I may have a whole new perspective tomorrow morning!  LOL!  And so it goes – where it ends, nobody knows!  Except Creator!  And He/She/It is not talking – just grinning!
Okay, enough for now – still in the process of “waking up” – both physically and mentally – and spiritually – but I think – I THINK – I might be onto something.  I do believe that IS the “Event” I am here to observe!  After we perform cleanup and healing of the Old Earth and restore balance and harmony! It has never been done before in the history of Creation – the physical manifestation of a 3D Earth into a New Earth!  As co-creators, it is our job to make it so!
What do YOU think?
God makes a promise –
Faith believes it –
Hope anticipates it –
Patience waits for it!
Isaiah 30:21

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