We left off last week with some quotes from an unnamed spirit communicator about the work that’s done in spirit to help us become aware of the reality of our existence, and we’re going to continue our discussion with another quote from this specific entity.
This discussion is intended to move in a forward direction instead of aimlessly talking about the idea of higher-dimensional service for weeks on end, and you might find that we’ve actually been addressing different aspects of our spiritual family’s service to humanity.
In our first quote, we’re told about the difficulty in conveying everything that’s done and experienced in the higher realms.
“It is not possible to outline perfectly all of our interests and work.
“They are wide as the universe, as different as the thought of man or spirit. Wonder upon wonder, marvel upon marvel, unfold to our growing vision, and life is never for one instant lacking in interest. Nevertheless it is best to focus our attention, study, and thought on those things most interesting to each personality.
“Some choose science, some philosophy, some invention, some the studies of other universes and other lives.”
The amazing and constantly fulfilling vibration our family’s on motivates them to find their passion and get to work, learning about spirit and raising awareness so others can learn about it too. Even though a lot of time’s initially spent freely exploring the higher realms, eventually, one buckles down and gets to work, passionately following their greatest dreams.
We have an incredible existence waiting for us, and as long as we keep at our mission here on earth, we’ll be back in the higher realms so quickly that we’ll wonder where all the time went.
We have the freedom to choose what we want to do in the higher realms. He also tells us that everyone works together in a widespread, communal effort to raise consciousness.
“A job is not simply allocated to you here. As there is choice of occupation on earth, so there is even greater choice of occupation in what you may like to call ‘heaven.’ I find the latitude in our choices here to be quite incredible. I don’t know what field I will enter at the present time.
“I will have to pray over this and inquire into various fields because once we are committed we are committed for a considerable time. Here we don’t so much work as individuals. We work more in bands and groups.”
After someone decides what work they want to do, they’re naturally attracted to souls with similar interests, and groups are formed with the intent of achieving goals that everyone in the groups are passionate about.
Nobody’s forced to do something they don’t feel comfortable with, and nobody’s ‘assigned’ to a role by another person – they choose their own role after they’ve taken plenty of time and gained plenty of experience enjoying themselves and exploring their new state of consciousness.
The spirit leader Imperator lays out as many divine passions as he can. Keep in mind that he probably hasn’t even scratched the surface in this long quote.
“Occupations are varied.
“The learning and knowing more and more of the sublime truths which the Great God teaches us; the worship and adoration; the praise and glorifying of Him; the teaching to benighted ones truth and progress; the missionary work of the advanced to the struggling and feeble; the cultivation of our intellectual talents; the development of our spiritual life; progress in love and knowledge; ministrations of mercy; studies in the secret workings of the universe, and the guiding and direction of cosmic forces; in short, the satisfaction of the cravings of the immortal being in its twofold aspect of intellect and affection.”
As you can see, divine intelligence pulls us in all different directions, and it’s all for the purpose of knowing ourselves in the greatest sense possible. In serving others, we serve ourselves. In studying the universe and all of its wonders, we’re studying a greater aspect of ourselves that exists in a higher state of consciousness, which we’ll eventually reenter.
We’re children of the universe, and when we start to realize this, we’re led to do and study all kinds of different things that accelerate our evolution and help us in our quest to raise awareness about spirit and everything that’s been forgotten about in the lower spheres.
Can you imagine how many different passions we’ll follow in the fifth dimension and beyond? Everyone’s experience is unique, and we’ll all be led to do different and diverse things that we wouldn’t expect ourselves to be passionate about.
Judge David P. Hatch tells us that in most cases, a passion or talent is developed throughout many lives. We’re also told that concentration is important to developing any ability.
“The difference between a painter and a musician, or between a poet and a novelist, is not a difference of qualities in the entity itself; for each unit contains everything except quantity, and thus has the possibilities of development along any line chosen by its will.
“The choice may have been made ages ago. It takes a long time, often many lives, to evolve an art or a faculty for one particular kind of work in preference to all others. Concentration is the secret of power, here as elsewhere.”
I’ve been learning that patience and concentration are important to developing any ability we want to master, and we have to be willing to ‘fail’ a few times before we realize that failure’s an illusion and that we’re always growing; always learning; always developing our talent.
Even when we’re in a higher state of consciousness, we’ll continue to learn, grow, and develop, and we’ll probably drop our vibration plenty of times along the way just so we can re-learn things over again.
The interlinked nature of joy and service in the higher realms.
“Joy is so closely united with service here that the two can scarcely be separated.
“You are thinking that this would not be so [in regards to serving] the weak or the wicked. Possibly true. But through sympathy, understanding, teaching, or companionship, we learn that we help, and are joyous in that unseen help. Congeniality is the foundation of friendship here, and it leaves no room for friction or jarring notes.”
Some will even travel down to the lower fourth-dimensional spheres to offer healing and redemption to the souls who’ve trapped themselves there. Our family cares so much about us that some of them willingly and routinely drop their vibration just to offer us love and insight. We couldn’t be more fortunate, in my opinion.
We’re given so much guidance and advice when we open up to it, and an endless stream of intuitive love awaits all of humanity, which our family beyond works very hard to deliver.
Mary also confirms something I’ve always felt and noticed in regards to serving others.
“We are happy, and glad to be of service to those who need us; and service is half of our life here. By this statement we do not wish to make service seem unpleasant. It never is. For the Joy of helping others is great; and too, it makes our own resting times or recreation times more happy.”
I can definitely attest to this last sentence. The more I strive to be of service, the better I feel when I sit down at the end of the day and reflect on everything I was able to do. It feels better than I can express to know I was able to be of service to others in a way that’s enjoyable and creatively stimulating.
I love developing the ‘skill’ of writing, and half the time, I feel driven to endlessly flow with work that’s intended to uplift.
When I do let myself rest, I feel an immense sense of satisfaction that usually drives me to want to do more. There will be time to really enjoy that satisfactory feeling eventually, and even then, I’ll probably put it down in favor of service! It’ll always be there for us, and eventually, we’ll want to feel it for a while before we get back out there.
Mary also tells us about the ‘system of exchange’ prevalent in the higher fourth-dimensional realms, likening our family’s workspace to a ‘central office’.
“We have a system or order of work and study, though what you call hours and minutes are not so counted by us. … I am thinking of how to tell you of the orderly way in which we work. Perhaps if I call it (this by way of illustration) a central office, where the plans are arranged and messengers sent to us when we are needed, it may help you a little. …
“We are as busy as you. We exchange many things, which might be called barter. For instance, I study something I wish to perfect myself in, and teach, perhaps, my very teacher in some other branch.”
As Mary will continue telling us below, souls teach each other things they’re each familiar with in exchange for one another’s assistance. This is a very harmonious way of doing things, and even though it’s selfless in nature, rewards are still given in the form of the knowledge or good deeds exchanged.
Mary continues: “We exchange many things, sometimes work, sometimes ideas, sometimes the many acts of love and friendliness; but all without your medium of exchange, money. We have love instead, or, if to those we do not know, whatever courtesy suggests. So you see, we have a busy trading system, and enjoy it too, and no one becomes bankrupt.”
I don’t need to tell all of you that this is how our society should function, and with our endless effort and perseverance, things will change. Money isn’t inherently bad or negative, but we’ve put far too much value in it and forgotten to look at the most important driving factors of our existence and progression as a species: love and harmony.
These qualities are exchanged instead of money in the realms beyond, and everyone helps each other get a leg up. Nobody’s left behind or forced into a difficult situation, because love and abundance flow to every sovereign soul and there’s no need for a ‘rat race’.
Next week, we’ll examine the two ideas that rest isn’t required in the higher realms and that nobody’s forced to serve others. As we’ll learn, service is definitely a choice, and most souls are very passionate about it.
The goal of our family beyond is to see humanity ascend, along with every other lower-dimensional planet and civilization that’s ready to see the light. Most souls, having been guided and mentored into a higher vibration, then seek to do everything they can to spread awareness of the amazing things they’ve learned, and this drives the choice to be of service.
A lot of us on earth are believed to have incarnated out of a desire to assist humanity, and we’re being helped in this quest by an infinite amount of higher-dimensional souls and collectives who’ve assumed a similar mission. Let’s continue our mission(s) with the knowledge that we’re never left alone; that we’re given all of the help we could possibly ask for.

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