Should a Universe or a God allow such things as devastation, abandonment, thievery, murder, and rape? Clearly history has and continues to show how Government have precipitated these actions, these are people, not unlike you and me, who allowed such onslaughts to our families and friends in the guise of what materially, could be gained, and what spiritually can be lost.

Repeatedly, we continue to see in the past and present this documentation, and we allow our children to be taught that these are acceptable principles. It is not any wonder that modern society has changed, and changed drastically for the worse?

Do we ever consider the costs of freedom? Wandering through our day, we get so caught up in the chaos of all that is around us, that we fail to slow down and appreciate life. To virtually dance up and down in the sunlight on the fresh mown grass and look up in the sky and around us in mystification, at the beauty that the Universe has laid before us.

Sitting outside in the warm summer evenings, looking up at the resplendent stars, are we looking at the beauty that is there, the attraction to those stars and our solar system? Forgetting that at one time we came from those places, and yet choose Earth and this time to come back and pay karmic dues. The vast population in that very moment, would look, and then consider that it is too hot to go to bed, complain about their day to their spouses, think of what we must do to gain that new house, new car, pay for children’s education, this is when materiality overtakes spirituality. We have become a caustic society that no longer thinks in long spiritual terms.

“These are our days, our free will and the free will of others is what causes the friction, and what we do with those days, determines self-empowerment, our days of days.” (“Contemplation – Illiannaval”)

Each one of us is responsible for their actions, not the actions of others, but solely our own.

We clearly chose this time of free will, the people we would meet, the experiences we need to address to move forward. As we wander through our days, it is compulsory to look through these critical times and rehash all that has transpired in this life, the associations, the happenings, and critically assess but with a clear eye, that looks deep within itself to see the parts that are directly linked to the conduct of YOU, YOURSELF, and not others, and to clearly understand that blaming others is not doing YOU or your Soul any good.

To be with oneness with your Soul, and Higher Self, we need to first, and foremost forgive ourselves, a victim lashes out, and at most times we feel the victim, when others cast their free will. The most important part after this is to forgive the other person, show them the love and light and joy that is dark to their soul. The Universe expects this of us, it streams down on us, with white and gold rays, directing us, and we are negligent in not looking at all the blessings around us. We instead look at all the bad that has happened, continuously looking into that quagmire of murky water. These negative thoughts reap more negative thoughts and happenings, because for some itinerant reason we enjoy the helplessness, and enjoy this discomfort. It is time to get rid of that baggage! Let it go for the last time.

Clearly, there are some things you played no part in, but here is the important thought when you are assessing, you did play a part, at one time, with that individual something happened, and as the days of enlightenment come, you will start to see and meet others who will help you in that journey, to obliterate the bitterness, and to help you see the new bright YOU that is inside just waiting to be born. Just as you took nine months of growth, you are once again being reborn, but this rebirth can take months or years, it is all up to you and how you choose it to happen. If your intent is pure and of loving thoughts it will come to YOU, it is documented in the Eastern Culture as the Yin and Yang principle.

All that bad perception can now come full circle to the light, the more you collaborate with yourself and the Universe that bad will remove itself, and pure whole love and light and blessings will be forthcoming.

Congratulate yourself for the journeys YOU have completed, thank the Universe for the lessons that you have learnt to this point, and move forward. YOU own your successes, but you also own your mistakes, commend yourself with all you have accomplished.

Moving forward with fresh hope, belief and faith and the creation of your new comfortable boundaries will carry you in good stead. Remember that what brought YOU to this assessment of yourself is all that matters as it is carrying YOU, when this happens all the celestial angels are at your disposal, assisting and helping you to manifest increasingly the spiritual YOU, the only ONE that really matters.

The counterparts, the generations before you molded YOU, but you are molding a newer better YOU, free of restrictions that others create, freedom at last.

Freedom to be the real YOU!

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