A message from Quan Yin: As I weave my energies around you, within you, and to you, there will come many faces of the feminine. Allow each face that comes to your mind to enter your heart, to enter you, to enter in through you; and thus, you will create a portal, an entrance, and an exit that you will facilitate at a much higher energy than you realize.

We as Humans think we need to birth our dreams, to birth our creations and our manifestations.

It is time for us to use our innate cellular and stellar knowledge to birth whatever it is that we feel that we need. From a rubber band for a ponytail to world peace. there is a need, to retract ourselves from the scurried world, to pull back into our conch shell of self and not venture out again until the tide has changed.

When we leave our home we can feel the electricity popping in the air, and the sand shifting at the great pyramid. You feel the hearts of those that stand in loneliness and the courage of those that walk thru the shifting sands, fearful but aware the energies are carrying them.

Learn to understand the earth and all her secrets, from the constant electricity in the air, to the tides that ebb and flow on the Nile. You can no longer stick your head in the ground and hide from your destiny. Your destiny is the loud roar you hear in your head and heart. Good luck trying to ignore that….

We cannot sit on the haunches of our humanness and wait until the sands settle, wait until the tides ebb, wait until the winds of change stop knocking over all that is dead wood.. It is time to dance with the energies of wind and use them to propel us forward out of the danger zone. It is time to merge with the granules of the shifting sands. It is time to hold our breath and dive deeply into the waters of all that is divinely human.

Moving forward, moving now, and moving without fear will be the names of the chapters of the upcoming books in your life:

  • Chapter 1: Learning to walk in between the worlds.
  • Chapter 2: Learning to walk in the cracks of self.
  • Chapter 3: how to straddle what is fractured and broken and ride it into smoothness (quantum repurposing).

Lift the veils of our humanness. Scrape the cataracts out of our heart. Scrape the resin off and let our pores breathe; let our dreams breathe and let our heartbeat in joy again. go into the cupboards that seem bare and scrape the emptiness forming it into something that is wonderful and delicious. We are all the mothers of necessity and the mothers of creation. We form what others do not have the eyes to see. Do not get swept up in the winds of change and the fears of others.

Speak to the body, love it as an old friend who has known you always. Speak to the mind with sweetness, for it has always sat in council for our highest good. Tell your brain, to let you develop, to let you see more, to let you dream more, to let you become more. Coax it, as a child coaxes a parent for more allowance, for more privileges. You are about to stretch forward.

There is no failure in being human. It does not matter if we waste our life, or we use our life appropriately, whatever we are choosing to do is fine. There are no mistakes, there are no failures. There is nothing you can do wrong. The core of wrong was given to us as a limitation as was the frequency of death to limit us and bind us in fear. Cut away all things that bind you.

Show by example over and repeatedly, like the mother eagle who comes to the ledge and shows her fledglings how to fly. Each fledgling has a different strength and weakness. The wind blows differently beneath each of their wings taking them to various places.

Do not judge what another does for they are most probability doing the absolute best that they can in that moment. Love them where they choose to camp, love them where they choose to settle. There are multitudes of choices because there are multitudes of people. All possibilities live within you. Do not allow the traffic jams of your soul and the frenzy of others to misdirect your purpose. Stand strong.

Become one with your day, with the sun, the clouds, and the people that you see so blinded by the Light. Let these energies of seeing open to you. See into the truths that are hidden yet so exposed.

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Jesse Neuer and Jeannie Brown



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