To be at home is the task at hand… To be at home within your own being and to reside at the frequency of delight in your own expression and joy!

This joy is also the time that is emerging and is here to enlarge your perception of what and how to be in a joyful way more often in your individual experiences!

Yes! Joyfulness.. This is a great theme for each of us to relish in.. What is my joy? What is my expression? Am I allowing myself to feel joyful no matter what the occasion is?

Quite frankly we all need more occasions to be joyful … Can I be joyful in the face of heartbreak or in the face of worldly affairs that are not deemed joyful at this time?

Yes, think and ponder upon these things for we are BE-ing called to allow more joyful occurrences and your most joyful natures to unwind here into this reality at this time..

To do so is the task at hand as this frequency shift is full throttle…

We are going thru much upheaval, and it is pertinent to do our part to allow the vibration of joy to come into fruition here…

We are all vessels of this expression of love and joy… To be in joy we are aware of the occurrence around us, but it is a choice to choose this joy more often.. To witness everyone’s foibles and misunderstandings, but to allow them all their experiences…

Each of us is here with purpose to experience this world! Many realities are created and yet as you experience the heart’s frequency of joy more often you are creating the new worlds here, the new time for allowing in an easier way to live here upon the earth! To love here and be one with everything; with all beings…

Allow the occurrence of joy to resonate within you… Give yourself permission. Do not discredit others’ experiences when they are not in joy– and yourself included– as we are releasing much, and we must allow the flow of overall wellbeing…

Many see and feel others’ pain and suffering and believe that they should not be in joy if another is in pain. Allow your joy no matter what is occurring, if you are feeling this joy and expression, to play with allowing it no matter how others feel around you, for it will allow them another option!

We have been taught to ignore themselves and to feel the pain of others to help them deal with what is occurring in “their” reality… To feel joyful in the face of pain and suffering has been deemed frivolous or naïve or not “in reality.”

To be in joy whilst another is in pain (and not by being flashy) but being genuine-in-the-heart– joyfully loving– would allow the person to feel good. (“To be in joy whilst another is in pain (and not by being flashy) but …”) It would help them to unlock their natural abilities for joy in the face of heartbreak as well!

Now is the time to release the fears and constructs of the mental body upon the earth, to release the patterns of what has been known to get you to this place, this moment of the New!

Now is the new time and in this new time, we all have great abilities for magic, for wonder, for miracles and for your hearts’ resonance with Joy!

Now is the time that this new joyful state will be uplifting this reality and allowing a more graceful entrance into the balance of heaven and earth upon this sphere.

Be in joy, be free to express who you are here, be free to express your heartfelt, joyful playfulness. No matter what the occurrence is around you and you will be most helpful in this occurrence of bringing heaven to the earthly realm.

Be true to your heart and the joy within.. Be easy and allow the grace to manifest thru you by allowing it to be so…

Thank you and en-joy the journey.


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