When we talk of the higher realms they read our questions ahead of time and answer them, its learning to understand the messages. The big gun Archangel Michael does that as well.  We all need to embrace this; would it not be easier for them to save us so much time by answering my questions without me needing to read them. Have you had the experience that you begin to ask questions and the answers come flooding in.

“My heart, as you would think of it, my consciousnesses, my very essence….

What is the heart? I thought the heart was a physical muscle. After that I thought the heart was … well, some kind of mystical chamber in which God sat. And then I heard Hindus calling it the hridayam, the spiritual heart. And I accepted that. But lately it struck me that that cannot be true. The hridayam is just an aperture that closes off contact with the soul. The soul resides on the other side of the hridayam. But the hridyam itself is just a pinprick. Its job is to open and close. How can that be the heart?  I went into a tailspin because something I had based my entire spiritual philosophy on now seemed to be mistaken. If the heart is not the spiritual heart or hridayam, when what is the heart?

The heart and soul, are they not the same thing? Are there walls of the heart – or is it just the soul about which we are talking? The spiritual heart or hridayam is just a pinprick.

The soul is on the other side of it. Where is the heart? Think of the heart as being encased within the soul. It is encased within the soul. But what is it? It is the divine spark of One.
So, when we say, we are letting our heart speak, we are saying we are letting the divine spark speak?  When you truly are going to that place. Now very often when human beings say they are speaking from their heart, what they are doing is speaking from their emotional field and their realm of feelings.

It is counting angels on the head of a pin to say, well, this is the soul, and this is the heart. They are to all intents and purposes inseparable. But when they go to that place of pure consciousness, of light, of the spark of divinity, then, yes, that is when they are in their honest heart.

A person who truly went to that pure, essential place of consciousness, of light, of the spark of divinity, would be enlightened. So, when we are enlightened, we are in our honest heart, the soul, the Self. This shows up like red-hot news to me.  The hridayam opens when we achieve two levels of enlightenment. It has no other function that I am aware of than to open and close with enlightenment. Sages call this a “heart-opening.”

When we achieve seventh-chakra enlightenment or Brahmajnana, the hridayam opens temporarily and we are flooded with light and love. And then the hridayam shuts again and we lose the fulness of that experience.  But when we achieve a higher level of enlightenment, called Sahaja Nirvikalpa Samadhi, the hridayam opens permanently. It never again shuts. This is what will occur at Ascension, and it brings us liberation from physical birth and death, a coveted goal in past centuries.

So now I know what the heart is. For the first time in my life, I know what is being referred to. And the correction in my knowledge is having an impact on me.

The heart or divine spark, the Atman, the Pearl of Great Price is the seat of love. Love is what lifts all of us … as high as we want, really. All the way back to the Limitless? I do not know. But I do know that love itself is limitless.  The heart is love and love creates worlds. Heart and soul are the center of love, the center of the universe for us.  The heart is the divine spark, the divine spark is love, and love is everything. Therefore, it follows that heart, soul, and love, which are one, must be everything.

The heart is just an illusory differentiation in love. It is love through and through regardless.  If we feel a lack of love, we see differentiation.  When we feel an overflowing of love, as with the Tsunami of Love, we see no differentiation.

All becomes one. That is where the Tsunami is taking us.




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