“”With warm and Loving greetings from every facet of we souls speaking with you, I am Saan of the Arcturian Councils of the Galactic Federation.”” (“Saan and the Arcturian Councils: The Galactic Headquarters that will be …”) (“Saan and the Arcturian Councils: The Galactic Headquarters that will be …”)  We hold routine meetings amongst the entirety of our Federation, and our Councils operate in united factions as each race and each Council works together on the ascension of various planets and civilizations.

We work in service to Source; to the Creator, who is funneled Him/Herself down from the pure realms of Source to experience a different facet of His/her ultimate omnipotence. Everything is Source; is God; is Love. We are all comprised the same energy of Love, which has taken various and unique forms.

You are an extension of your ultimate oversoul consciousness, who has been funneled down to assist the Earth in Her ordained evolution, and we work to help you grow back into the realms of consciousness we found upon evolving from our various planets and civilizations.

The Ascension Process for an Unawakened Soul

We uplifted our planets as well, as we cultivated individual awakenings and worked to awaken those around us. While collective ascensions do not happen very often, they can be initiated by just one soul awakening and working to awaken those around them. This is so because the extent to which disbelief and hate have ruled on your Earth has not been experienced on most other lower-dimensional worlds and rather, third-dimensional awareness can give way to purer awareness and understanding quite easily depending on one’s Life path.

Those around you who you perceive to be unawakened but who operate on their own level of consciousness on which they are comfortable in this moment, are going through their personal ascension processes and responding to the increasingly pure energies you are being given, which are being delivered enmasse, in their own ways.

For some who have not yet understood the realms of full consciousness you are growing toward, this process of absorbing and assimilating energies from realms they do not yet understand, is exceedingly difficult. At their surface they know or believe nothing of the realms of full consciousness they are growing back into, but underneath their surface, they are more than knowledgeable of such realms. This is because every soul has come from these realms, and while you experience the Earth as extended facets of your higher selves, you have never really left the higher dimensions.

What we mean is that you sustain active roots in the higher dimensions as your higher selves, and your lower-dimensional Selves existing on the Earth are facets of the oversoul that is your higher self. This is why every Earthly soul knows completely of the higher dimensions underneath their surface. The further one goes underneath one’s surface, the closer one gets to a connection with Source and with oneself.

Planning Life Lessons

Connecting with your higher self is particularly important to your personal evolution, as your higher self has so very much to teach you and orchestrates lessons in your personal Lives for you to learn from. Your guides collaborate with your higher self, and you work as well in your sleep realms to plan events that play out in your Lives in the specific ways needed for your ultimate growth as a soul.  You are growing (back) into the higher dimensions of consciousness, and your process has included meetings facets of yourselves that could easily be judged as dark or in need of hiding from.

We ask you to realize your completeness as a spiritual being in every facet you exist on the Earth, including the parts of yourselves you would otherwise hide from or feel ashamed of. Every facet of You is Divine, and we have asked our scribe to capitalize the “Y” in the word You to display its importance.

Your power as a Divine being is unparalleled, and those facets of yourselves you perceive to be “bad” are simply in need of understanding.

As you properly understand yourselves as spiritual beings, so does your level of security with yourselves begin to grow. We wish for each of you to be completely secure with yourselves as God sparks of the infinite Creator, as this is what you truly are, and you have never been meant to struggle too much in self-orchestrated guilt or insecurity regarding oneself. You are meant to Love and understand yourselves as facets of Source, and this is why we say that in the eyes of Source, you can never err.

You are on the lower-dimensional Earth to experience it and experience it you certainly have.

Enjoy the Experience

Aspects of your human existence that do not directly impede your growth (or infringe upon others’ growth or freewill) should certainly be sought-out and enjoyed, as even aspects of the lower-dimensional experience that are not prevalent in the higher dimensions are still worth experiencing whilst you find yourselves on the Earth.

You are on the Earth to help awaken and uplift the collective, but why not enjoy your experience as you do this, dear souls? Why hide yourselves away from the Earth experience or seek only to work away, even if that work benefits your collective, rather than recognizing that you exist in an incredibly unique situation and treating it as such?

In short, we ask for you to enjoy your Earth experience, rather than see it as less-than or in need of upgrading to the higher dimensions you are growing toward. You are indeed growing toward the higher dimensions, but your Earth existence is and has always been Divine, unique, and worth exploring in every facet.

You can enjoy your Earth experience and even feel at home on your dearest Earth, and we can feel already that many of you who’ve incarnated on the Earth and expected yourselves to venture away from it after Gaia’s ascension has taken place, will choose instead to stay for quite a while and seek to uplift the rest of Creation from the Galactic Headquarters that will be the Earth.  Earth will indeed be a Galactic Headquarters of sorts, as the pure and powerful energy that will emanate from the Earth, which will result from your powerful collective ascension, will reverberate out to so many other planets, and indeed, even galaxies.

The Typical Planetary Ascension Procedure

The Light of your Earthly ascension will spread out to every facet of Creation in need of uplifting and evolution. The Earth is responding to the energies emitted from other planets whose populations have ascended individually in vast numbers, causing the Light-quotient on such planets to tip enough in favor of the Light for planetary ascension to occur.

This is the typical manner in which planetary ascension comes about; as a result of individual souls who Live on such planets awakening and shifting the collective energies into the Light. Of course – every evolution, be it individual or collective, is monitored and guided Divinely, and you’ve (previously) sought to help various worlds and civilizations to see the Light by working from the realms of their unseen to help awaken their individuals who, in turn, awakened the collective and caused planetary ascension to occur.

The unique thing about your Earthly ascension is that it is to come about by your collective awakening and ascending, after the Earth has already reached the pure states of the fifth dimension, which She indeed already has. The Earth’s spirit exists in the fifth dimension, and She is waiting for Her dear collective to catch up. This is quite uncommon for a planetary ascension, but we’ve long recognized that the Earth’s evolution is nothing if not unique.

The individual evolution of each of you is certainly unique, and this is one of many reasons we ask you to embrace your Earthly experience, rather than hide yourselves from it or brand it unworthy of experiencing, simply because it does not exist in the purer realms of consciousness.

Joy and Love are Just as Prevalent

Trust, dear souls: you are going to learn and discover so very much in the higher dimensions, but for now, we ask you to enjoy the growing higher-dimensional perspective you find descending unto you, as you enjoy the fact that you are on a unique planet.

We do indeed note the struggle experienced on your Earth, which makes it quite difficult for a plethora of higher-dimensional souls to incarnate and enjoy their experiences, but we ask you to see that joy and Love are just as prevalent on your Earth, and indeed more so, than any of the lower-dimensional emotions that have been fed for so very long.

Before making our final impressions for this communication, we wish to make one last note about humanity’s concept of time.

You Exist in a Constant Energy

As our scribe has learned by seeking information through books that accurately display the merging of science and spirit, the same energy that Creates and sustains your realities is responsible for the flow of time and the force of gravity humanity experiences.

The force of this flowing energy helps you to stay within your dimensional domain, and what you experience as the flow of time is a movement of energy on your part; energy you Create when moving around or simply existing on your Earth. In this very moment, you exist in a constant energy; a force that you Create and travel through as it holds you in place and sees you experience a linear movement through it.

We seek to offer more information regarding this concept but find ourselves limited in the terminology and understanding we can express through this scribe.

For now, we will make our final impressions for this communication by reminding you that you are working toward a brimming Galactic future; a future that will validate your beliefs concerning the higher dimensions.

Indeed, some of what you believe currently may become outdated in a factual sense, but what so many of you can feel regarding the higher realms and your own lineage is indeed real. What you can feel deep within is realer than could be expressed, and it is for this and many other reasons that we ask you to nurture it and to nurture yourselves.


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