The spiritual realms are observing, with enormous joy, humanity’s rapid progress towards awakening. Yes, we keep hearing this, and the reason is that frequent enthusiastic encouragement, like this observation, assists you in focusing on holding and strengthening your intent to wake up from the illusion.

There remain many distractions that would attempt to divert you from your path, continue to draw your attention back to the task in hand – waking up and becoming fully conscious beings, as is your Divine destiny.

All that the Divine Source created is perfect, is conscious, and is consciously evolving spiritually. That continuing evolution leads always to increasing joy because it is a constantly expanding state of awareness that allows an entity to know itself more jubilantly. And that, of course, is the divine Will – ever-expanding jubilation for all of creation.

While you remain focused on the illusion that is extremely hard for you to conceive of as you observe the intense inadequacies of your presently experienced living environment. The realm is extremely keen and enthusiastic in their efforts to help you find your way Home because it is their gleeful duty, and because your arrival, your awakening, will also bring intense joy.

Humanity’s current progress towards the moment of its awakening is quite unparalleled. Since the apparent separation from God happened, so many eons ago, you have never been so determinedly engaged in such a rapid expansion of your collective spiritual evolution.

This is a time of extraordinary spiritual advancement for you which cannot and will not be interfered with, delayed, or prevented – because this is its moment. It has been Divinely planned and prepared for, to ensure that it would burst forth into your awareness with an overpowering brilliance that you cannot fail to recognize.

It is already inspiring and uplifting you as it shows you the utter inadequacy and futility of your present severely restricted and inflexible perception of a world in conflict, while at the same time opening up for you the amazing panorama of possibilities that lie ahead as you embark on a path that offers everyone, without exception, the warm acceptance and the dignified respect that is due to every child.

The time for immersion in the illusion, and all its enticements and distractions, is ending. It has presented you with many challenges and lessons that you, collectively, chose to experience. It is now time for you to move forwards, leaving behind all the suffering and conflict, and expand into the Selves of infinite potentiality that was created to provide you with everlasting joy.

that terminates finally and inexorably with the death of your physical bodies – of you. But this is not the case.

You were created as immortal beings for eternal happiness in the Divine and consequently this momentary excursion into a less-than-appealing environment is ending, as it must.

Your choice to invent an environment of disconnection, chaos, and confusion was but a momentary aberration which seems to have lasted for eons. The veil that you wove to hide Reality from you is about to disintegrate because it was not made to last. It is threadbare, and all the pests, blights, and infestations which have been eating away at it have finally brought it to the point of disintegration.

It was completely unstable, and what little balance you had managed to install within it is no longer viable. Consequently, it is rocking and tearing like a dilapidated hammock that is about to collapse and tumble you out. . . returning you home to Reality.

The New Age has arrived, as you have been told many times, and to use a theatrical production as an analogy, the curtain is about to rise on the next act which you all know will resolve the issues that have been causing you so much alarm and dismay.

With the Divine field of Love embracing, you are ever more powerfully your spirits are rising as your awareness of the impossibility of your being anything other than one and with each other strengthens and intensifies. Keep reminding yourself of this undeniable truth, because each time you remind yourselves if your doubts and anxieties, which are completely unwarranted, are further weakened. And it is only they that now support the illusion.

Do not forget to ask, and keep asking us, your spiritual guides, and mentors, to assist you as you determinedly intend to release your doubts and engage enthusiastically with the field of Love that supports you in every moment of your eternal existence.


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