Managing Conflict in Relationships​

Imagine if we spent less energy on what we don’t like about ourselves and feeling envious of others and put our full energies into discovering what makes us unique and so wonderful. We have been well-trained to think the worst about everything it seems, but especially ourselves. Is it any wonder given the continual advertising programming taking place on television?
Just about all the ads are giving us the subtle and sometimes not so subtle messages that we are not good enough. Pharmaceutical drugs parade across the tv screen telling us we are depressed and need help, we are too fat and need to lose weight, our houses smell and we smell so we need Febreeze, we need to change our hair color, we need plastic surgery, our health is failing and we need more drugs of all kinds because that is how bad off we are. I mean it is just ridiculous and we need to see what is being done. We are not these things being pounded into our heads.
Each and every person born is unique and special just as they are. We all have gifts to share with others, we just need to pay attention more closely and discover them. We have big hearts and think nothing of reaching out to help others. Unfortunately that has been exploited to the benefit of the corporations. I never give donations to charity organizations as the money never goes to those who need it most! I go online and research for the small organizations in the local area towns needing help and I give to them. We are smart and intelligent beings with great creativity within and we need to recognize this and act upon our gifts.
Our greatest gift we have to share with others is our love. Imagine a world where everybody was sharing their love with those around them. No violence and hatred, no war and aggression, no need to dominate. It would be so wonderful and we are not far away from that. It will take the people allowing their true selves to unfold before them and trusting in that new person.
We have always been all possibilities, we just have not realized it. It is time to love and appreciate being ourselves just as we are, we are unique, there is no other being just like us. That little twist of uniqueness is our gifts, it’s what we offer in our lives to others and who it says we are.Look deeply within and discover your gift you can share with the world.  Learn to love who you are, for you are one and the same as that person for eternity. I choose to be friends with and love that person residing within my shell, don’t you?
Now that the old world is unraveling at a rapid pace leaving gaping holes where the old has been destroyed, these are places where we step in and leave our mark. This is where we begin erecting the new world that speaks to who we truly are.  I have mentioned before how I spent half of my life running away from myself, feeling disappointed in who I thought I was because I didn’t seem to fit in. I understand now why I could never fit in. I knew from an early age that how we were all living our lives was a lie. I could not partake in that lie. As the old world fades away and the new world blossoms forth, I fit in! I know why I am here, I know who I am at long last and most importantly I can appreciate who I am and love that person. It was not me who was off, it was the world!
Blessings to us all,

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Dr. Merry Rose

Dr. Merry Rose

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