The Light of My I AM Presence I call all Beings of Light, Archangels, Angels, Ashtar Command, and the Galactic Federation of Light

I call for Your help in raising My vibrations and the vibrations of All Living Beings on Earth and below Her Surface through creating the proper circumstances and removing the negative entities from Our surroundings.

I call for Your help in the common Ascension Process Now for all People and Beings awakened who want to Ascend into the higher dimension. We All need Your Help now as it was promised when we came here by choice to take part in this experiment.

Otherwise, I would consider Your Presence as of a rude interference into my personal Life Plan and ignorance of My Free Will. Otherwise, We the Awakened People Light Workers all over the Earth Now would consider Your Presence as a rude interference into Our personal Life Plans and ignorance of Our Free Will. We need Your Help because We Are All One and we collaborate with You.

I said and this is my will.

So Be ItLove and Light

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