“The human is the universal embodiment, and I mean that. This is the master embodiment for a soul to complete their proficiency as a creator, healer and teacher of the physical universe based on sight and sound. So, every single human has an aspect on every single star world there is. So, if somebody says they are Pleiadean – very partial truth; somebody says they are Orion or a reptilian or Sirian or anything…it is true, but it is very partial truth. What you’re going to end up discovering is that you have an aspect on every single star world there is because you’re in the master universal embodiment , the greatest density of energy and compression in the physical world of form, and that you have a higher, or a lighter self on every single sphere of existence and it’s just a matter of tuning your mind to these finer frequencies for you to remember the simultaneous lives that you have there.

When people are looking too far outward for answers it gets askew, because they are travelling outside of their body, they are going to these lighter realms and thinking that they have the answer to the physical Earth world, and they do not. We on Earth have the answer to the light worlds because they are on echo of what we are. There is some teachers and speakers that talk about these grand galactic wars between factions of so-called ETs, or others that will say it is between the angels and the demons. It is an echo of the war waged inside of every human on Earth. So, when we culminate this project we make peace and understanding on Earth it is going to be an instant reflection that the grand galactic, angelic/demonic, service to self/service to others, positive/negative polarity wars and consciousness wars will also cease. Heaven starts on Earth and trickles outward.”


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