There are no rules written so we will never know.
Why we fall in love, why we can’t let go.
What attracts one to another, out of the people we know.
Some will love another , but never let the feelings show.

There’s no instructions, to say what’s right or wrong.
No books of feelings, only my own insight.
Is love a feeling of the heart, or is it an emotion.
And why does we commit ourselves with such devotion.
Can one really explain love, is it feelings or words.
Some will do anything for love that others find absurd.
We all react different, there’s nothing written in stone.
Obviously we need love, without it we’re so alone.
My synopsis of love, is only what I feel.
My feelings are my own, but to me they are real.
I can only explain what I feel within my heart.
That people that truly love will never ever part.

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