Current history throughout the ages on this planet, have documented the ravages of World Wars and the impact on land, culture and people, society translated into the casualties of war, and how families were torn and ripped apart. So, begins this spiritual journey, which transits into the Oneness of who you can become free of fear and endless worry. So much within these pages, the links are familiar, astonishing familiar, we are not set apart we are all part of an energetic web. This purely casts the imprint that there are no accidents, people and events are meant to be. We meet who we are meant to, and these people are brought to assist us, and through this our journey begins together.

The unanswered question is can you change the outcome for yourself with pure intent?

It’s time for all of us Light Workers, Stars, Indigos, Rainbows and Crystal Children to embrace the Silent Revolution to change history and the karmic bands that were created long before this reincarnation.

The question is to help and assist all my spiritual brothers and sisters to get to and beyond Ascension, and work through the oncoming energies.

Time how do we perceive it? Look at the clock, our day clock is encompassed by twenty-four hours. These hours consume our days, and it is no longer a tick tock pattern but rather segments of time that comes and goes like the waning of the moon. We no longer look at time as enormous but rather in blocks that are fragmented with divisions of our lifetime, flooded with memories, some more painful than others, but they were all contracted steps.

Our perceptions of life change and modify just like the cycles that they are. We wait nine months from our conception to our birth nurtured in the womb, fed, loved, and hugged and silently sleeping until the Universe decides it is time for us to come into the light. The Light of Existence the rays are piercing. Such is life when we become enlightened and ready to complete our contracts. Empowerment is as similar as the birth cycle; it is all a birth cycle. There is the physical birth and then the spiritual birth. Both have significant impacts on our lives. Both are similar in that we come from Source and return to Source before it is time that our physical manifestation departs the earth’s atmosphere, we are all sentient beings living a spiritual existence.

So, from the time of birth we have many opportunities, vast are the array that is set before our eyes.


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