So long as you are on Earth, you are a human being. It is part of you and not to be ignored. “Consider the human part of you as a pet you keep.” (“Human Part of You – Oranpsychic”) You take loving care of your pet. You feed it and exercise it. You pay attention to your pet, and you love it.

Still, there is happiness in the human side of you that is not to be denied. Enjoy the human pleasures. enjoy everything you do and enjoy more. If you are an artist, enjoy art. If you are a writer, enjoy writing. If you are a chef, enjoy preparing delicious feasts. Enjoy eating. Enjoy preparing food. Enjoy work and enjoy play. In fact, I will tell to enjoy the human side more.

Who enjoyed life more than the laughing Buddha?
Who enjoys life more than the young child?

And parents receive joy from their children’s joy. The aim of parents is to allow and encourage the happiness of their children. And this is how parents reap joy.

And so, treat the human side of yourself as your child, and encourage it in the way to grow. The way to grow is through joy, for joy incurs joy. Joy is a great lesson in living life. “It is the most direct speediest way to live life.” (“Traduzione di “direct speediest” in italiano – Reverso Context”)

One joy leads to another.

Even on the side of your Divinity, take it not so seriously. Love the Divinity in your life as well. Feed it, groom it, and know you do not have to go overboard. You do not have to prove anything. Embracing the Divine side of a human being is also joy. Joy, not effort, is the way to go. Ease, not effort, is the way to grow.

Divinity is housed within the Human. The meeting place of the human and the Divine is in your heart.  The human is a high expression of the Divine on Earth. Earth is not a low place, for you remember space does not exist. Heaven is pictured as extremely High Up, yet the Divine is as much you as the Human. What might be called a High Human is Divine, and, yet every human is Divine.

And so, you are One.


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