Yielding to the truth of who we are is the most powerful action we as divine humans can take. When we open the doorway to our Higher Aspect we find what and who we have been seeking.  We are here for discovery and mastery. We are to achieve our birthright promise; to have an earthly experience lived through our Higher Divine Self. When we are able to identify our life’s lessons as progressive steps through the lens of polarity, we move closer to the truth of who we are.
My written dialogues began after I experienced dozens of initiations during the early peak of my awakening between 2000 and 2010. I found myself on a journey that was walking me. A journey that was filled with very profound and direct experiences with my Higher Divine Self in direct connection to the Higher Realms and Source Intelligence.
Today we have access to material defining the awakening experience and much has been uncovered through direct knowledge as well as through experiences and research of both the novice, new physicists and scientists and a new wave of pioneers in consciousness. There are those, such as myself, who have delved into the realm of higher dimensions through earnest inquiry, practice, discipline and experimentation resulting in unfathomable miracles and discoveries as a catalyst for deep exploration.
When we understand we are living through the unseen and marvelous influence of our Higher Selves we learn to accept rather than condemn or judge and we live a more relative life knowing we are a divine human expressing ourselves for a mere short duration on planet earth. We also begin to connect the dots of our lives and translate and interpret our experiences through a new and lofty lens. A lens that is by most accounts able to perceive what our ordinary mind and eyes cannot.
While we take this journey we are not only making our personal way through a milieu of events and extraordinary experiences, we are also crafting a new reality that places us at the junction of our future. We are in fact journeying ahead to meet our future selves. I started a relationship with my Higher Divine Self via the doorway of my crown. It was during a very prolific passage of daily meditation, and connection that resulted in me raising my vibration. It was through this door I discovered the depth and breadth of my multi-dimensional consciousness.
I also began to have direct contact with ethereal beings within my expanded awareness, to the point of vividly knowing who they were and from where they were speaking through to me. In 2010, nearly ten years later I was acquainted with the primordial aspects of myself we call Quantum Soul. We are each linked through our direct ancestry to the Benevolent Ones we call Archangels, Ascended Masters, Saints and so on. We truly do have direct DNA connections to our Higher Divine Counterparts. My particular journey has been centered around this dominion. I have for these many years been directly conversing in my awareness with this presence found in the higher dimensions.
I quite often channeled direct messages and conveyed the teachings, through groups I led as well as providing individual private sessions. Metatron, who is one of my direct ancestors by my side since my earthly birth, once said that channels hesitate to say that what they are receiving through their Higher Selves, when they are “channeling” the Masters,  is in true reality the channeling of their Higher Selves. We all have access to the Masters and to direct knowledge that is encoded in our Tree of Life Living Template. I once wrote a poem titled Angels Within.
At the start of my awakening I ventured through the door of the Eastern arts. I took my first yoga class on my fiftieth birthday in 2001. Two years later I became a Kundalini Yoga teacher. At the same time I began to notice vivid discourse, prose and dialogues expressing through my Higher Divine Self. I began writing everything I received in my awareness. The more I recorded the more I received. I wrote everywhere I went, on the back of restaurant or airplane napkins.
I would wake up each morning with a greeting in my thought awareness from a loving presence I made sure to connect to throughout the day. My journey encompassed the gamut. My contact with consciousness of higher planes was the norm in my everyday world. While driving, while walking, just being, I was immersed in a field of continuous love.
My role as scribe unfolded into discourse and light transmission, grounding the spoken intellect of a very fine intelligence and lofty expression. There has not been a moment in my life since this time that I have not written and journaled these marvelous insights found inside of my being.
We know we are here to awaken our light, ground our light, nurture our connection to light and to share our light everywhere we go. The following excerpt is taken from my earliest writing from the period of my initial hand written entries. You will see the tone as being very loving and open. These passages appear nuanced with metaphor and they are parable like in theme. I can relate to this material as it was my early journey in communication with the Divine. There are statements here that will ring familiar as many of these dialogues have insights written by others perhaps. I mention some topics regarding color, light and sound and our crystalline nature as told to me at the beginning of the last decade. In sharing these now they may spark a part of your inner knowing and be affirming of your journey as well.
2004 Morning Om
Divine will is your will don’t sidestep this opportunity for there are miracles and discoveries to pull from these unfathomable parables of light. Everyone has access to this.  These are miraculous words that will turn the tide for humanity’s upheaval. Mark this time and this moment for the small genius within.
Inspiration From the Mother
Artisan that I am. Greetings my ancient little one. You possess the ancient wisdom teachings of the exacting science that we speak about through these channels. Thoth is my scribe. Trust and surrender to the Divine Mother, exchange your will for her will. Yes you must ask for more clarity of speech and exacting tones, vocabulary will rise and bubble up to the surface so you will speak and be taught much. We clear your space early to rise in the temple of light.
In the collective space we draw the moments of time for you to speak and recite the ancient wisdom teachings for these are yours to share. The appetite and thirst for those to hear you speak and teach. Recite the encoded messages we bring through. Doubt not we have prepared you well on many levels. Doubt not for we know you can bring forth this exacting science and information through to the people. They will see and now the truth of the One.
Spontaneous realizations abound bringing forth insightful realities and stunning information. Radiance from the Halos of Light. Brilliant light, shining light. Holder of the lineage. Sweet princess of light. Light masters, mistress of ubiquitous light. Harbinger of light. Messenger bringing forth, foretelling. You are the temple of light. Ubiquitous is your nature. Ancient technologies the secrets of beyond. Untold mysteries. You radiate, caring and embodying the Divine Mother presence. Ubiquitous light sound healing frequencies sent thought you are one of pure light. Lineage of the light holders.
Stay tuned for my information. Stand forth and hear us speak though you teacher of many souls, lost and divine. Beings of light know and understand. Repeat the scriptures of teachings. Know that you will delight in the starlight knowing that nothing will impede you. Darling little sister of the light. We bequest you to be ready and continue holding this stature of purity and wisdom. Take joy and be happy. Know that we are with you upon this hierarchical alchemical structure and beam of light. We stand firm and ready to alleviate any darkness or density from the crystalline structure of the collective will.
The group at large will benefit by your healings. You must eat well. We repeat you must eat well. We will create abundance in your future and supply all of your needs from the One. The exacting science will be taught to you so that you will be able to sustain and provide sustenance for yourself and others.
Templates are being developed for this new Crystalline Grid structure and activity. Small measures have been taken to allow you to continue your work on the Master Grid know that you are one with the One. We want you to dedicate yourself and your commitment to the hierarchical Realm of the True Mother and the Saints spreading light through this kingdom we are creating.
Filling and lighting all the hearts with an outpouring of love and affection. Demand and command what you need effortlessly it will be supplied and provided for you. For we are the Ascended Masters and Angelic Realm that are to assist you. Governing the spiritual and hierarchical Realms we know and trust that you will do the correct thing. You are the impetus for this deep work to clear past wounds. We know you will benefit greatly from these teachings.
You will expand and collect all of the life stream juice that you need. For we will assist you on this special trail to victory. Be virtuous Christina bring out and shout out the love for the Supreme Being, the One True Love the column of light beyond words. Know that we are with you, Infinite garden of the Infinite Source of All That Is. Draw this life energy source and live deeply and clearly this path to The One. The doorway has opened and you have walked through.
Don’t panic for you have known such light before. Absorb as much as you like my love, for it is diamond white light. Exacting, permeating, cleansing, detoxifying availed to you is the availability of this great light and knowing. The ancestors are with me to assist this channel through the light and love. Pure intention opens holy doors. Clarity, insights, your greater divine purpose awaits you. The stairs to the top of the path are open and clear. Step wisely and gently. Mirth! Fully knowing your true path has been cleared, you submit to no one, no party, and no other path. Exacting science prevails. Strings of light and sound. Permeates each soul. Father-Mother of our souls.
An extraordinary event, there is a single moment in time and a birthing circle for each new person. There is a newness emerging in the stillness and the magnificence of the splendor of the Divine. The will of the One merges the birthright returns to those who are steadfast on the path. These are Tributes known only to those who know and see their divine parents. MA and PA delighting in the opportunity served. The Grid-work was masterful on your part.
We are birthing within you an extraordinary presence of the work of the Divine Mother, the parents of all mankind. Restored are the selves, proclaimed as the faceted jewels in the treasure chest of the Divine. You are a tributary and outpost of the Divine. Transfiguration, juxtapose, new clothes, new garments…that which is your essence.
You are the pure love of an angel’s delight. Twin above, churning heart, partner’s bright. Eyes shone bright wings delight. Bride of light, skip through the dark. Anger dispels and you are one. From antiquated time you are one. The One True Love, Omnipotent never-ceasing, blasts of light clear through the prism. Dark deeds are forgiven and gone for your true love.
Speak to me of love. Burning bright heart’s delight. Code of love from the clear sight above, sky and clouds imbued with light. Chance, dance, and sing with reverence. Foresight tells the tale of the One True One who knows all and sees all and is all. Gentle one, oh so sweet dost thou kiss thy feet. Purge it all. Treat yourself to the smells of the quintessence, mirth and joy thou dost play in the ubiquitous light.
Mother Madonna I am with you dear one. Clear light upon you understand that we play from time to time. Enchantment soul’s desire burns the fire in the glow of the One. Aphrodite knows the splendor of the one true one love. We share with you now the truth of your essence and proclaim you Christina Light Heart and Emissary of Above, true delight of our heart’s flame burning bright. Churning within the sounds of the love and mirth. Joyous, you have never-ending joy. Scribe, Mother-Father, true essence bringing forth the divine wisdom of the truth.
Heaven on earth is the sacred plan for humanity.
I am fulfilling my destiny in writing and sharing these passages with others. Stay your course of awaking your inner light and share and be all you are. We as a group are making a positive difference in our new world rising.

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