With the recent astrological passages, Earth is receiving new formations that open her up to new cosmic gateways and experiences. As Earth citizens, we can also receive the alignments of these formations and access new dimensional experiences. (“New Earth Formations | Earth Hive”) It is only a matter of our heart desire to embody these formations that will open us to the new freedom we have to explore and connect to the cosmic creation field of the heart.

I described how we are becoming the physical embodiment of flowers, which are the physical formation of our soul light. “As we integrate with our soul-heart-flowering, we are gaining greater light infusement.” (“New Earth Formations | The Galactic Free Press”) This light is stellar in nature (which is also solar light) and is powering up our physical bodies to become “rods” that capture starlight radiation. 

The Earth herself is building up her stellar “potential,” and as she does her frequency is rising. This rise can be felt and seen in the “waking up” of the elemental body of the Earth. It is a powering up phase where the elements of Earth are being plugged in to the cosmic circuit. “Our own bodies, created and supported by the elementals, are experiencing the same “powering up” from the cosmic electrical grid.” (“New Earth Formations | The Galactic Free Press”)

During this powering up phase, the elementals are busy at work creating the new Earth formations. The elementals, long cut off from their cosmic-Earth design, are now re-aligning to their natural form and function to restore the Earth’s multi-dimensional body to health and harmony. These formations spring from a new global network, like a neural net, of the “Earth Hive.”  The beehive is the design of the new Earth neural net, which is a hexagonal web around the planet to seed the new Earth formations. (“New Earth Formations | Earth Hive”) 

The bees, in their grand knowledge, are the crafters of the Earth Hive. In their multi-dimensional form, they are the carriers of the Hive intelligence and organically weave the web of the Hive net in their daily work. Up until these recent passages (the Venus Transit being most prominent for the bees’ cosmic activation), the bees could not access the cosmic solar light necessary to build the Earth Hive. 

The bees are attuned to the Earth’s core as the primary elementals that maintain the harmonic “pulse” of the Earth’s core. What this means is that through their “humming” they are like the Earth’s pacemaker, maintaining the heart pulse of the Earth in a specific rhythmic pattern. The pulse has been “off” despite the bees’ best efforts to maintain the Earth’s core pulsations.

With this re-alignment at the Earth’s core, the bees are receiving the cosmic solar light through the core. This is radically shifting their form and function on the planet. The influx of cosmic solar light is rapidly connecting bees throughout the planet, re-weaving their global connectivity and communication. 

Thus, the formation of the Earth Hive, a newly created network for elemental communication. In this powering up and building phase, we can witness the bees in their craft. In the Northern hemisphere, the bees have been notably early in their swarming behavior. They were very aware of something happening, preparing, and gathering the hive early on. There is certainly no mistake in their behavior as they are receiving the signal from the Earth’s core to gather in ‘tribes’ to receive the new solar light.

“When complete the Earth Hive serves as the web to form the new Earth intelligence (the Earth Hive Mind), the foundation for the creation of the new Earth body in the physical dimension (as a 5th dimensional body).” (“New Earth Formations | Earth Hive”)  In these moments of the powering up and building phase, new streams of consciousness are beginning to flow through the scaffolding of the Earth Hive that re-weave the “life blood” of our collective Earth and human history. 

This is re-weaving the timelines on Earth in the physical dimension (much adjustment has already occurred in the upper dimensions to transform the manifestations on Earth) to empower the Earth and humanity to naturally sustain ourselves from the Nectar of the mother. Of course, the honeybees know how to please the mother quite well as they work to sustain the hive and the Queen everyday!

In the mature stages of hive production, bees begin to make honey from the nectar of flowers. This is a stage that is rapidly calling to Mother Earth. She is preparing her vesicle to receive the Nectar in the body of the hummingbird (feel that for a moment!). It turns out that Mother Earth is the greatest shapeshifter of them all, and we are now witnessing and experiencing within our own bodies this “shape shift” into the natural formations necessary to receive the cosmic recipe for a healthy, harmonious Earth. 

There are many formations of the nectar drinker, and thus, some of us will become the hummingbird, some the butterfly, the bee, the unnamed insects, Mother Earth is building a bridge to the body of the hummingbird, which contains the future reflection of Mother Earth’s organic body. “All formations of nectar drinking are vital to this orchestration of cosmic Nectar celebration — filling the Nectar vesicle to the brim so that Earth’s body can accelerate into the glory of the hummingbird’s flight.” (“New Earth Formations | Earth Hive”)

And from the Nectar, the honey will rain (reign!) …  “Filling the Earth Hive with honey is the physical re-formulation of the “life blood” of the planet from which more new Earth formations arise.” (“New Earth Formations | Earth Hive”) 

Honey is the lubricating fluid of the awakened, unified heart. Our ancient wisdom and history tell us of the importance of honey to the spiritual ceremonies and rituals of many advanced civilizations. Why was it so important? One reason is its direct manifestation from the Nectar of the mother, the source of creation. Drinking honey connects us to the Nectar and re-aligns our physical bodies to our spiritual source. 

The honey of Earth today is cut off from this source, leading to distorted honey/bee manifestations like colony collapse disorder, genetic erosion, and DNA contortions (e.g., the DNA structure of honey is warped, an effect of genetic ‘looping’ from our scientific agricultural community). 

“Through the newly formed Earth Hive, honey is the manifestation of the Mother’s Nectar, re-creating the physical embodiment of our spiritual source on the planet.” (“New Earth Formations | Earth Hive”) We can also embody this re-creation in our heart, which is ultimately the projector of the Earth Hive (i.e., it is through our own heart projections that the Earth Hive comes to be – we are the dreamers of the collective Dream).

As the embodied hive mind and heart, the Earth Hive is the foundation for Earth and Humanity’s re-connection with the cosmic creation field of the heart.  This is the matrix of time, space, and dimensions of our new galactic home. In the Earth Hive is the blueprint for the Mer-ka-ba, the Star of David design, which will enable us to travel the cosmic creation field of the heart. “We travel along the heart pulse grid of our spiraling Rose galaxy.” (“New Earth Formations | Earth Hive”) 

Earth and Humanity is re-configuring its heart pulse, which allows us to engage in the heart re-configuration of the Rose galaxy. In time, we will come to understand the Mer-ka-ba as a tool from which our integral being becomes a pod of “travel-time,” and the Mer-ka-ba a mere reflection of the envelope of time. In truth, it is our heart pulse that carries us through the matrix of heart creation. Wherever we arrive in the heart creation field, we arrive as the heart story we are enunciating. More on this soon as the picture of our access to the field of infinite heart stories is unfolding rapidly. Until then, I hope you will open your beak and drink in the Nectar that we are receiving.


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