I don’t know how I can possibly put into words all that I wish to communicate in this one seemingly “ordinary” message. So, I don’t think I will even try–especially since I already know that the energy of “trying” only creates more “trying.” And that, I just realized, is a very important awareness to be sharing in this post! AND… there you have it. This is exactly what keeps happening to me all day long NOW.
I’ll get flooded with awarenesses that I don’t even know how to begin to put into words, mostly because there aren’t any words for them. So, I’ll sit down to“try,” anyway…sigh. The entrainment to the treadmill of “trying” dies hard for we humans, doesn’t it? 
Well, the good news I’m discovering is that we can all choose to break free of that particular pattern of enslavement to the illusion of powerlessness pretty soon–because that old treadmill doesn’t even exist anymore! I just understood that this minute, btw…as well as that THAT is why, every time I try to put these floods of awarenesses I keep getting into words, I end up writing about something else, entirely. (Look ma, no treadmill, ha.)
And here comes more– I’m getting that these “awareness floods” literally are beyond words. In fact, they would more accurately be called “cosmic downloads.” I’m also discovering –and this post is an example– that the most effective way for me, so far, to  integrate them into my consciousness, is through expressing them to others– which expresses them to me at the  same time.
Are you still with me? Lordy, I hope so, because I’d prefer not to be experiencing our cosmic interconnection and earthly Unity Consciousness all by myself, you know? Ha, just kidding. Sorta. I mean, I KNOW what I am experiencing includes you! We ARE all in this together. Its just that where we are, we have never been before, and there’s a whole lot of the collective “us” out there who haven’t caught onto that yet.
Ah, we humans are so endearingly funny, aren’t we? We LOVE the idea of living our dreams…but to have to experience CHANGE in order to do so? Excuse me!
Nonetheless, CHANGE–and radical change, at that–is what we are in the midst of.  Our planet has moved into a sector of space that is innundating us with frequencies that are much, much, higher than humanity has ever experienced before. We are all NOW “plugged in” to interconection with our universe. (And you thought the internet was amazing!)  That is why I keep getting these “cosmic downloads” all day long. That is also why you/we all feel so discombobulated much of the “time.” That is why, as well, we see the old paradigm we used to live in deconstructing all around us. It isn’t “reality” where we are NOW!
So, forget “trying.” Its obsolete. In our NEW environment, we are very powerful energy alchemists, and the frequencies we pulse out are manifesting more rapidly into form every day. Just notice the evidence of that in your daily lives, if you haven’t already.
Also forget judgments, meanings–anything based on what you “think you know.” They are obsolete as well. Where we are is not where we were,remember? So, they will only keep you running on treadmills of fear, victimization, struggle, and  isolation that do not even EXIST anymore! “Stuck in the old illusion of separation,” in other words.
This means,  of course, to forget the segregation into “roles” that masculine and feminine one energies have been oppressed by for SO long–within you, and so in our human collective. It is “time” to break the bondage. We have both masculine and feminine energy within us, regardless of which we have chosen to express as our physical embodiment, and we need them both. It is “time” to integrate them, and so ourselves, healthy and whole again–NOW.
Oh, I could go on and on, but I won’t.  Except, maybe I should just say one last thing first—
The word “channeling” is also obsolete. Oh, yes, you’ll still hear others identifying themselves as ”channels” –and I do NOT say this to discount what they do, please understand! We’re in a transitional period, after all. It is just that to even call oneself a “channel” implies that connecting with the cosmos is something “special,” which it is not. It is as common to us ALL as thinking, feeling, smelling, tasting–any of the perceptual faculties we use. YOU do it, yourself, all the “time,” and always have. Trust me on that one–and those of you who have had private sessions with me already KNOW that to be true! NOW, accept the gift. Use it, and en-JOY  how vast and interconnected you are!

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