Be At Peace

Choose peace  Global peace happens when you find that place of peace and acceptance within yourself. It is a glorious journey of the self that leads to unity on a grand scale so begin yours today. Act where you feel guided and trust your feelings on what to do and how it is the best way for you to expand your light and find that peace within you. Build trustworthy relationships and know that your emotional and material needs will be met as you change your life. There is always more going on that meets the eye, and this is where trust comes into play, and it is not always easy when you are going through challenging moments. But these too shall pass, so let yourself feel the peace that knowingness can bring to you. Try your best each day and do not judge yourself and your choices harshly. You are a beautiful child of Light and the Universe wants nothing more than for you to see and believe that this is so.

Affirmation: “I am peace with where I am, where I am going and what has been. I choose to change my life to match my dreams and desires and act from my still, wise center.”

We are all dearly loved and supported, always by the angels.


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