Crystals Programming
The purpose of programming a stone is to focus its energy on something you specifically want or need, thereby magnifying its intent through your own. Once a stone has been programmed, it will continually emit that intention until it is cleared or reprogrammed. A stone can hold several intentions, up to four or five, if they are compatible.
Stones can be programmed for many purposes.
You might seek healing, protection, or spiritual guidance. Perhaps you wish to bring more love or prosperity into your life. You may desire to improve your home or work environment. These are just a few reasons you might wish to program a stone.
How to Program a Gemstone or Crystal
Three things need to be done before a stone can be programmed. First, you need to formulate your intention. It is important that it is well thought out and properly focused. Vague or imprecise wording may confuse a stone’s energies, but specific and meticulous wording will precisely direct its energy towards your intention.
Secondly, you need to select a stone that resonates with the intention you desire. For example, if you are looking for peace and calm, a meditation stone, or to let go of stress, choose a calming “green stone” or “blue stone”, such as Chrysocolla or Aquamarine. If you want an energizing stone to stimulate action or to bring positive results quickly, a red stone, such as Ruby or Garnet, would work well. If you feel that red is too forceful, choose an “orange stone” or “yellow stone”, such as Carnelian or Citrine.
And finally, before programming, the selected stone must be purified of any outside energies and cleared of any previous programming.
To program a stone, sit quietly and focus your mind on your intention.  Hold the stone and gaze at it. Sense its energy, letting your own become attuned to it. Once you feel in harmony with the stone, clearly and firmly state your intention aloud. You may wish to repeat it several times to anchor it into the stone. You will intuitively feel when the programming is complete.
Once a stone has been programmed, you may wish to spend time each day with it, asking its energies to be transferred to you. Depending on its purpose, you may wish to wear the stone, carry it in your pocket, or place it by your bed.
Stones can corrupt or exchange their programs when coming into physical contact with one another. To prevent this, protect your stone by wrapping it in white cloth made of natural fibers, such as silk or cotton, when not in use. As white is the most reflective color, it will reflect outside energies away from the stone and prevent it from absorbing any outside forces and from giving off its own programming. Protecting your stone’s programming will prevent you from being influenced by other programming that is not what you currently want or need.
Re-program your stones if you become more attuned to the finer details of the focus of your intention.

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