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With the most benevolent greetings of Love, the most deepest compassion of caring and the most loving intent, I address you now all with a message coming from the Source of this Being and from this individual part of Myself.

Let’s start with the beginning of Source, the birth of your descent and of your soul. For all that is you, all that is part of You is also part of the Source of All That Is.  As you have chosen to take on forms of  Lightbeings and Presences of Light, you have chosen to incarnate in Elohim, in Archangels, in Masters, in Angels, in Galactics and in Humans.  Much more is upon the incarnation plan and the taking on of forms, but for now it is best to be talking about your current choices in order to understand and grasp this in the best way possible.
Before the choice is made to descend in a form, in a being or in an energy there is a process that unfolds which contributes to this manifestation or to the taking on of a form and energy.  That process is called the rebirth (calibration) of Light into a denser Light, a more solid form but still eternal Light. This gives the privilege of manifesting and experiencing whatever you choose to experience and be in several planes, lifetimes, Dimensions and parallel realities.  Whatever the forms or energies are that you form or take on, manifest yourself in.. all is Always in a High Light spectrum coming from Source and so all that you are and form is of Source spark and Essence.
As this Essence that you are, is forming a more denser Light on its descent, much is being forgotten as we move further away from the Source of our Essence.  This is because veils are being created and passed with our consciousness, forming this outer reality that one has created now.  Many one’s have done the same process in order to get here and form this outer reality which is called the Illusion and the veils.
As this experience and exploration is part of your Self, it is very easily reversed and recreated in a more loving context, for all the power is in you to do this.  As you are this outer reality as well, you form all the aspects of your being into this Illusion on several planes of being.  So whenever a judgement or call for help is being created, it is another aspect of you, who is creating this on another level of understanding for you are several and infinite levels of being at the same time in this reality as well as in outer – and even in higher realities.
The time for introduction to your beloved Christ and Divine Self of the Elohim level of Being is upon you all.  Another level has been reached in your integrations of Self in such refined ways that all levels of understanding will be on a natural way of being and will unfold in the most loving and easiest of ways.  All is about to shine from the inside to the outside like Christ once did, descending on Earth with his Christ embodiment.  This now awaits all of you who are understanding the context of Self and who embrace the Self in the most respectful and loving way in full acceptance of who you are.
No doubts anymore, no shadow self anymore but only the Light will prevail and will become tangible in every single way of your being.  Ascend now from your world in love and acceptance with the full embracement of Self.


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Dr. Merry Rose

Dr. Merry Rose

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