Managing Conflict in Relationships​


Archangel Raphael is the angel of healing. He supports anyone who is a healer as well as brings health, healing and abundance to those you call upon him for guidance and support. He can also help you to develop your intuition and to trust your inner visions. Call upon him at any time you need some healing or perhaps you are being called to be a healer as well.   Healers come in many forms.
There of course is hands on healing, which does wonders for those who are experiencing any pain or even with discomfort from vibrational shifting as the physical body is the last of your bodies to process through as it is the most dense.  He can assist in working with your emotions, your thoughts as well as connecting with your spirit self. There are also healers who heal with their words and they can always use his guidance and support to know just what to say and when to speak your truth.
Let yourself be the channel of his divine healing power and to manifest your crystal clear intentions into reality.
When you welcome him into your life, you will feel his pure divine healing emerald green energy flow through you and around you and let it do its work.
Affirmation: “I am a channel of Archangel Raphael’s Divine healing energy and as I bring his energy into my life, it supports my healing work and journey and I am able to attract more health, happiness and abundance.
And so it is.


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Dr. Merry Rose

Dr. Merry Rose

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